Use Case: Receiving B2B catalogs

Use Case Receiving Catalogs

Use Case: Receiving B2B catalogs

Your client, business partner or other source sends you a product catalog formatted as BMEcat.

We found that the most common use case found in electronic data interchange is that you receive electronic product catalogs formatted as BMEcat. If you need further information on BMEcat you are welcome to read more.

For example, one of your suppliers updated their product line and will notify you with a new product catalog. To read this file and transform it into Excel you can use e-proCATs powerful export function to download and view the catalog content in seconds.

If you are operating as a marketplace, selling products from multiple manufacturers in your (online) shop, you will probably receive many BMEcat catalogs but also updated assortments and new product lines frequently. Use e-proCAT to quickly read in these files and easily extract the data you need. This will not only save you  time reviewing the products, but also when uploading them in your online shop.

e-proCAT Use Cases

Is it your job to complete the supplier’s data? No, and you can also use e-proCAT to validate the BMEcat catalogs you receive and let your suppliers know if they sent you incomplete or faulty product data. You can find more information on this in our catalog check.

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