Classification Standard

What is the ETIM standard?

The ETIM standard

ETIM stands for European Technical Information Model. ETIM e.V. was founded in 1999 and the ETIM data model is now an industry standard in Germany, Europe and beyond. More than 300 companies in Germany already use ETIM, as well as many more throughout Europe. The classification standard provides organizations an absolute investment security and maximum longevity.

ETIM includes every technical item from electrical to plumbing by evaluating and accurately describing all products. With ETIM, all involved parties use the same product and catalog database.

Due to the setup and the description structure of product information being the same, data formatting and adjustments are eliminated resulting in a smooth and quick product data exchange between manufacturers and retailers in the technical industry. Manufacturers who supply their entire product range in ETIM format actively support their sales success with business partners and wholesalers.

Standardized and classified data is uploaded into media-neutral databases like ERP, WMS, or PIM and can be used in online marketplaces, print/electronic catalogs, and other e-commerce channels.

ETIM data is the ideal basis for optimal IT processes and structures in your own company enabling partner management, sales and e-commerce. Data maintenance and quality increases by identifying duplicates and disposing unused data. ETIM is structured that its use for other industry standards, for example ECLASS, is possible without any problems.

An overview of benefits using ETIM:

  • Active sales promotion
  • Significant cost savings on all retail levels
  • Internal data management always up to date
  • Investment security
  • Open to other standards
e-proCAT Solutions

How does e-proCAT help you with the ETIM standard?

Are you a manufacturer, dealer, purchaser, or online shop administrator?

You create or receive electronic b2b catalogs and ETIM classified product data?

e-proCAT is the industry leading software solution for electronic B2B catalogs formatted in BMEcat and classification of product data according to the ETIM standard. Take care of your clients and business partners by providing excellent product data with no room for errors and make transactions as seamless as possible. Find out all e-proCAT benefits for your ETIM product data here.

  • Classify product data to ETIM. Search and find ETIM classes within the ETIM standard.
  • Reclassify your product data within different ETIM releases or to other standards like ECLASS.
  • Enter characteristics and fill and describe ETIM features
  • Check and validate your classified product data. Ensure and guarantee correct ETIM classifications
  • Enrich your electronic b2b catalogs by integrating ETIM into your BMEcat catalogs
  • Edit your ETIM classifications in e-proCAT and customize your commodity categories
  • Convert your ETIM code into text

e-proCAT is your ETIM solution

Once you decided to use the ETIM standard you can select your preferred ETIM Version in e-proCAT and upload your product data right away. Start mapping your product master data to the according ETIM fields, supported by our software smart suggestions. If any of your information is missing, take advantage of our mass editing function to fill in missing product data with ease. You can then export your final ETIM catalog for many use cases:

Try for yourself!

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