Classification Standard

What is the ECLASS standard?

ECLASS stands as the international standard for master data and semantics (goods & services). It is a worldwide reference-data standard for the classification and unambiguous description of products and services established in industry, commerce, trade, and the service sector.

Product master data can be exchanged digitally across all borders: business sectors, countries, languages, and organizations. It provides a standardized master-data system to enterprise-wide improvements, underlining benefits along the entire value chain.

Using standardized reference data makes master-data management possible ensuring that key organizational decisions can be made with confidence. This includes:

  • Bundling procurement volumes
  • Optimizing inventory levels
  • Avoiding incorrect purchases
  • Creating transparency
  • Unlocking potentials for production
  • Refining and harmonizing product data
  • Extending search capabilities
  • Clarifying terminologies
  • Supporting compliance and data-protection functions
  • Improving communication with customers and business partners

ECLASS has 39 subject areas including electrical engineering, construction, logistics, food, medicine, optics, automotive, laboratory technology and office supplies and develops these various industry standards into a uniform, cross-sector standard.

ECLASS currently provides 45,000 product classes and 19,000 clearly described features, which only require four classification levels for categorization. Each product and each service is represented with an 8-digit code. To each product or service exact characteristics such as supplier name, type designation or brand, additional identifiers with unique, machine-readable codes are attached so duplicates are ruled out.

More than 3,500 companies worldwide are already using the ECLASS standard and are making use of these benefits. For some, ECLASS is even declared as a mandatory standard for their business partners.

e-proCAT Solutions

How does e-proCAT help you with the ECLASS standard?

Are you a manufacturer, dealer, purchaser, or online shop administrator?

Do you create or receive electronic B2B catalogs and ECLASS classified product data?

e-proCAT is the industry leading software solution for electronic B2B catalogs formatted in BMEcat and classification of product data according to the ECLASS standard. Take care of your clients and business partners by providing excellent product data with no room for errors and make transactions as seamless as possible. Find out all e-proCAT benefits for your ECLASS product data here.

  • Classify product data to ECLASS. Search and find ECLASS classes within the ECLASS standard.
  • Reclassify your product data within different ECLASS releases or to other standards like UNSPSC.
  • Enter characteristics and fill and describe ECLASS features
  • Check and validate your classified product data. Ensure and guarantee correct ECLASS classifications
  • Enrich your electronic b2b catalogs by integrating ECLASS into your BMEcat catalogs
  • Edit your ECLASS classifications in e-proCAT and customize your commodity categories
  • Convert your ECLASS code into clear text

e-proCAT is your ECLASS solution

Once you decided to use the ECLASS standard and acquired a license for the ECLASS format, you can select your ECLASS Version in e-proCAT and upload your product data right away. Start mapping your product master data to the according ECLASS fields, supported by our software smart suggestions. If any of your information is missing, take advantage of our mass editing function to fill in missing product data with ease. You can then export your final ECLASS catalog for many use cases:

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