Use Case: Validating and proofing B2B catalogs

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Use Case: Validating and proofing B2B catalogs

You need to check your catalogs for errors ?

Being able to check your BMEcat catalogs for errors within seconds will save you many headaches and reduce the numer of unhappy clients and business partners.

e-proCAT Use Cases

Receiving and validating catalogs

Your suppliers might send you BMEcat catalogs regularly and you need to double check their entries before uploading them into your online shop. You can now validate and test your suppliers catalogs for errors and will receive a detailed report showing you which data points are missing or have false entries. Your supplier can use this information to quickly correct his catalog and send them back free of errors.

Validating catalogs before sending to partners

You took the time to create your first BMEcat catalog. Wonderful! You can now use e-proCAT validation function to check your catalog of any errors before handing them over to your business partners. They will be able to process your catalog right away and provide the product data to any point of sale. The better your product information, the higher the chance you will be ranked above your competitor products. Talk to us, we will help you make your partners as happy as ever.

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