Workshop | B2B Catalog Standards

Our workshops are interactive and offered through GoToMeeting. We offer slots for up to 5 participants from the same organization.

Our workshops are scheduled at your convenience. A typical session will be around 2 hours in length.

Our workshop doesn’t just offer you the basic knowledge you need to get started with e-proCAT but also covers your specific business case and will provide answers to all your questions about B2B catalogs as well as product data classification.


This compact workshop will offer you a full perspective on B2B catalog production tailored to your specific business case. Instead of an 6-8 hour training session we will only address the most important challenges you are facing and will focus solely on your quick wins. We will analyze your product catalog and teach you how to create a flawless BMEcat or GS1 XML catalog adjusted to your needs and clients, or suppliers requirements. This workshop will take two hours and will provide you with access to all necessary knowledge on how to use B2B catalogs in your day to day job including procurement, marketing and sales processes.

Join us to learn:

  • the definition & basics of BMEcat,
  • the definition & basics of GS1 XML,
  • how to create your first B2B catalog,
  • how to validate & check your catalogs for errors,
  • how to mass edit product data,
  • further handy tips & tricks with B2B catalogs,
  • from our day-to-day experience & advice,
  • more about your own business cases and special topics of interest.

Depending on your level of understanding, we will tailor the workshop to your requirements, so you will get the most out of your time and take away the greatest learning experience.

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