e-proCAT 10.0 is available now!



Dear e-proCAT user,

we are happy to provide you with the new e-proCAT version 10.0.

With the integration of machine learning, e-proCAT remarkably simplifies the classification of your product data. e-proCAT will learn during the classification process and suggests suitable classes for your products after a short time.

A further addition is our export generator. This feature helps you to easily create your desired catalog output formats such as Fab-Dis yourself.

More new features include:

  • DQR and EMDG export includes ETIM 9.0 attributes
  • We added the SOVA list for 2023
  • New functions can be found under “about the program”
  • Further improvements within the mediacockpit Connector
  • You can save header data with an optional check mark
  • Export “All article data” is now available with your selected language for multilingual catalogs
  • Switch from “article view” to classification and feature recording
  • Improvements in FVALUE_DETAILS in feature recording for ETIM.

Additionally, we have fixed minor bugs.

You can download e-proCAT 10.0 here.

We wish you much success with the e-proCAT Release 10.0.

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